Wadley Medical Center

Texarkana, TX

Tasked with the challenge of an aging and deteriorated existing hospital building, our team has diligently collaborated with the client to conceptualize a cutting-edge medical campus from the ground up. This visionary endeavor encompasses a brand-new hospital, a central utility plant, Medical Office Buildings (MOBs), an ambulatory surgery clinic, and retail establishments. The ultimate goal is to introduce the pinnacle of advanced healthcare to a rapidly expanding region.

With an approved program in place, the CREF Capital Program Management department has played a pivotal role by providing support in various areas. This support includes Business Case Development, Stakeholder Management, Construction Management, Contract Administration, Equipment Identification and Procurement, and Department Transition and Relocation. Throughout this process, our team has ensured a seamless go-live experience for our client.

As we near the conclusion of this remarkable project, our collective efforts will culminate in a hospital facility poised to offer an extensive range of medical services to the community it serves, effectively addressing their needs in a comprehensive manner.