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We have a diverse group of interdisciplinary experts to implement a long-term, scalable real estate strategy. Our team helps clients create efficiencies in lease administration and property management, reduce portfolio vacancies, monetize non-critical properties, and eliminate unnecessary expenses, all with the goal of creating non-transactional, best-in-class experiences for our partners.

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Site Selection/Location Strategy
Accounting & Financial Reporting
ESG Planning
Lease Administration
Real Estate Development
Advisory Support for Transactions

All Real Estate Services

  • Property Management Consulting
  • Accounting & Financial Reporting
  • ESG Planning
  • Lease Administration
  • Real Estate Development
  • Tenant Coordination
  • Vacancy Studies
  • Acquisition/Disposition Advisory
  • Transaction Management
  • Third Party Development Services
  • Site Selection/Location Strategy
  • Portfolio Investment Advisory

A Success Story: Do you struggle with quantifying your real estate portfolio in real-time?

The Challenge

One of our largest scaling clients was challenged with quantifying their real estate portfolio in real-time, during a series of large hospital system acquisitions. In both cases of leased and owned property, our client was unable to identify property within their portfolio that was being underutilized and had limited processes in place to track and manage their real estate assets to help make informed decisions.

The Solution

Using an integrated approach of professional staff, and our data platform, CREF successfully documented and abstracted all leases, monetized non-critical properties, established an efficient lease request process that allowed our client to make informed decisions in real-time, created efficiencies in lease administration and property management, reduced portfolio vacancies, and eliminated all unnecessary expenses. We have since become their primary development partner globally.

Our Value

It is critical that our client’s real estate assets are managed by the best in the business. In this case, our client was able to focus on what they do best – provide high-quality patient care without distraction or disruption. Our team worked with department heads, physicians and nurses to make sure the patient experience was second to none, all while reducing 3rd party lease expenses by 20%, monetizing $60M of non-critical real estate assets, and by ways of early buyouts, consolidations, early renewals, and acquisitions and subleases, helped to unlock millions of dollars in additional capital.

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Nothing’s Too Big or Too Small…

We’re able to concurrently manage thousands of complex healthcare-based projects at any give time.

Representative projects include:

  • Women’s services, facilities and expansions
  • Diagnostic imaging equipment
  • Substance abuse
  • Cath labs
  • Operating rooms
  • Patient bed expansions
  • ICUs
A near perfect track record for on-time and on-budget:
  • Prioritize cash flows
  • Deferred capital
  • Mental Health
See an Example of Strategic Planning and Campus Updates

Examples of strategic planning and campus updates

Scalable + Expertise

CREF if your scalable solution – whether as an extension of your facilities group across a large geographical footprint, or being able to assess early potential projects

  • 1000 projects managed at one time
  • 1 billion dollars worth of projects at any given time
  • Broad spectrum of complexity ranging from cosmetic upgrades to hybrid surgery suites
  • Full ground-up hospital construction
John Polanowicz

CREF has been instrumental in helping us manage our growth from 9 to 40 hospitals. They help us prioritize and manage capital requests, understand the complexities of our geographic footprint and our healthcare asset portfolio, and so this with a responsiveness that feels like we’re all one team.

John Polanowicz
Former Steward COO, Hospital President

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