Jennifer Robbins

Chief Administration Officer

Jennifer Robbins joined CREF in 2017 as Chief Administration Officer. In her role, Jenn and her team are responsible for the administrative areas and resources that serve CREF globally, including auxiliary and business services, finance and accounting, compliance, risk management and human resources.  Jenn is responsible for assuring all monetary assets are in place to facilitate all of CREF’s needs globally.  Having been a part of CREF’s conception and growth, Jenn takes great pride in being part of such a great team and looks forward to continued growth and contribution to the company.

Prior to becoming CAO, Jenn served as the VP of Finance & Administration for GenCon, Inc., a fully integrated real estate development company.  In this role, she implemented and managed the technologies required to diversify GenCon from other mid-market players and helped to grow the business exponentially each year.

Jenn holds a B.S. degree from Bryant University and an M.B.A. from Providence College.

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