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Real Estate Advisory Services

Uncover your real estate portfolio’s full potential with our comprehensive suite of advisory services tailored for tenants and owners.

Tailored Real Estate Advisory Services for Every Need


With a deep understanding of the complexities of property management and Cref’s commitment to excellence, we design our solutions to meet the unique needs of tenants and owners. Our expertise spans improving operational efficiencies, enhancing property value, and delivering strategic insights that drive long-term growth. Here, your real estate ambitions become our priority as we navigate the market together, ensuring your investments succeed and thrive.

Our goal is simple: shift the perception of real estate from being merely a cost factor to becoming a fundamental driver of strategic growth and greater opportunity.

We Help Manage All Elements of Your Real Estate

Improve Your Property Efficiency, Profitability and Sustainability

We Work Alongside You
We provide expert advice whether you lease or manage your owned property. We handle the details, so you can make smarter choices.

We Customize Your Solutions
We deliver comprehensive real estate solutions that boost your investment’s value. We ensure you maximize all capital and potential.

How We Work

Elevate Your Real Estate Experience

We holistically navigate the entire real estate spectrum with you, catering to the nuanced requirements of tenants and owners. We specialize in lease management and property operations, minimizing empty spaces and unlocking profit in overlooked assets while reducing unnecessary costs. 

Our goal is clear: provide impactful services that elevate your real estate experience beyond the ordinary, leading to outstanding results.


Redefine the Way You Manage Your Real Estate Assets

Discover how Cref’s real estate advisory services can improve property management strategies. It’s all about smarter, smoother operations and top-notch experiences for our partners.

Our Core Services

Optimizing Your Built Environment

We prioritize every corner of your real estate journey, ensuring seamless operations, strategic growth, and maximized value. Our team of experts guides you through the complexities of real estate management with a suite of core services designed for owners and tenants.


Securing Your Ideal Space

Owner and Tenant Representation

We specialize in finding the perfect space to meet your needs, negotiating favorable lease terms, conducting thorough pre-acquisition due diligence, and strategizing space consolidation. We make sure you’re positioned in spaces that meet your current needs and provide flexibility for future growth.

Boosting Property Efficiency

Property Management and Lease Administration

We help manage and optimize your property by minimizing liabilities and enhancing the value of your real estate assets. By accurately tracking and reporting your obligations, we help you achieve compliance, mitigate risks, and reduce costs. From securing new leases to managing renewals, amendments, estoppels, and terminations, our team handles all lease and property management aspects.

Enhancing Productivity

Real Estate Strategy

We help you coordinate the supply and demand of facilities and services related to real property and buildings. Our strategies integrate people, place, process, and technology to optimize the built environment and improve productivity and quality of life for you, your team, and your organization.

Bridging Deals with Expertise

Transaction Management

Our team services as the vital link between buyers and sellers, facilitating transactions with expertise and insight. Whether you’re looking to acquire new property or sell an existing one, our transaction services are tailored to achieve the best possible outcomes for all parties involved

Our Full List of Services

  • Owner | Tenant Representation
  • Property Management & Lease Administration
  • Real Estate Strategy
  • Vacancy Studies
  • Market Studies
  • Transaction Management

Your Top Advantages Working with Us

By offering a range of specialized advisory services that tackle every facet of real estate management and strategy, you’re not just getting expert advice; you’re getting a dedicated team committed to your success.

Streamlined Operations & Reduced Costs

Our team specializes in identifying inefficiencies within your lease administration and property management processes, significantly reducing operational costs and eliminating unnecessary expenses.

Enhanced Property
Value & Revenue

By reducing portfolio vacancies and monetizing non-critical properties, we help you boost the overall value of your real estate portfolio and increase your revenue streams.

Customized, Non-Transactional Solutions

Unlike the one-size-fits-all approach, we focus on creating strategies that cater to your properties’ specific needs, aiming for best-in-class experiences beyond mere transactions.

Explore Our Integrated Services

Planning, Design & Construction

Our team of experienced professionals provides all levels of support with capital planning and projects, helping our clients save time and money and remain focused on their business.

Regulatory &
Facilities Services

We provide a full spectrum of regulatory and facility support services, ensuring our clients remain in a constant state of regulatory readiness.


We bring an environmentally responsible approach to everything we do to make sure our buildings and those inhabiting them are safe and secure.

Why Settle for Less When You Can Have the Best?

Let’s cut through the complexity of real estate together. With us, you get more than advice; you gain a partnership that drives your property forward. We’re here to turn your real estate challenges into successes.