Navigating regulated real estate can be overly complex and challenging.
That’s where we come in.


We Help You Focus on Your Mission

Cref provides long-term integrated solutions tailored to address industry specific real estate and operational complexities. By partnering with leading operators, we focus on resolving challenges and ensuring a more streamlined approach to your real estate. We want to make your facilities work for you so that you can focus on your important mission – whether it’s delivering healthcare or educating the next generation.

“Cref has become an invaluable partner and integral member of our overall facilities team. They provide exceptional full-service support and expert guidance including site identification, lease negotiation, construction planning & management as well as lease renewal negotiations and lease administrative services.”

Chief Financial Officer,


Cref’s Integrated Services and Solutions

We are dedicated to providing strategic real estate solutions, focusing on helping organizations maximize their physical infrastructure. By enhancing resiliency, improving user experiences, reducing costs, and unlocking capital, Cref plays a critical role in ensuring buildings are not just spaces but strategic facilities that drive organizational success.

Align & Optimize

Providing end-to-end strategic guidance that ensures your real estate is aligned with the needs and priorities of your organization – optimizing both where you are today, as well as where you need to be in the future.

Plan & Represent

Partnering as a strategic owner’s representative across all your operational and capital initiatives, including looking after your interests, collaborating with stakeholders on your behalf, managing risks and timelines, and maximizing overall value delivery.

Prepare & Manage

Providing a constant state of readiness and performance across your real estate portfolio, in particular, leveraging our extensive regulatory preparedness and remediation expertise.

Sustain & Evolve

Ensuring your facilities are capitalizing on efficiency opportunities and generating a positive impact on the environment, society, and your bottom line – both now and into the future.

Data Driven.
Results Proven.

Cref’s competitive advantage comes from our subject matter expertise and years of experience working within the industries we serve, as operators. Our approach supports your operational strategy, improves decision support, and ensures you can deliver for your teams and your communities.

Industries We Serve

Cref excels in sectors with complex real estate needs and regulatory burdens, by enhancing operational efficiency and creating optimal environments for all. We specialize in healthcare and education, allowing you to focus on patient care and exceptional learning.



Maximize Real Estate Efficiency and Success with Cref's Industry-Leading Expertise

Cref excels in transforming real estate and facility management with its deep operational expertise, strategic partnerships, and innovative solutions.

Designed by operators,
for operators

Our team’s experience in operating, running and improving facilities is unmatched. We have walked in your shoes and know what’s important to the success of your team and business. We are steeped in extensive regulatory expertise and bring a mastery of insight into the complex needs, inner workings and dependencies of your critical facilities.

relationship driven

We aim to never solely be transactionally focused. While we remain passionate about meeting schedules and managing tight project timeframes, our orientation is toward finding the best solutions for the future. We invest in relationships and believe working closely together is the key to success. We aim for significant savings and efficiencies, but also leverage your facilities to align with your overall business goals.

Holistic, pioneering

We regularly question the status quo, asking, “is there a better way?” We are not comfortable with ‘good enough.’ We constantly search for opportunities to make buildings and facilities more efficient and better performing. We work to break down silos with our integrated, systematic, end-to-end approach that aims to align your physical infrastructure with your strategic priorities.

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