Robert Gendron

Chief Executive Officer

Bob Gendron launched CREF in 2016 after 10 years of developing innovative service delivery companies based on his passion for providing world-class service and creating best-in-class proprietary platforms and technologies, to disrupt antiquated service delivery models.

He developed the first Automotive Service review platform, Mechanic Advisor, in 2006 as his interest in cars and service culminated in finding a monumental gap in the service delivery continuum between consumers and automobile professionals. Mechanic Advisor is a leading CRM platform with customers that include Fortune 500 companies, and a distribution partnership with Advanced Auto Parts.

Bob also founded GenCon, Inc. in 2006 as one of the most progressive Healthcare Design Build firms in New England. His passion for healthcare, process and service allowed GenCon to scale with world renowned healthcare systems. His project delivery process allowed these organizations to deliver projects faster, smarter, and more cost effectively whilst also improving access to patient care in low-income communities.

After dedicating more than a decade to these ventures and working “under the hood” in healthcare and software development, Bob sold Mechanic Advisor and GenCon to solely focus on CREF and its innovative technology platform, iCREF.  His dedication to continuous improvement and real estate allowed him to envision a future state of Real Estate like no other in the market.

The iCREF platform, which reinvents and reimagines the real estate world, transitions the service from a transactional business focused on fee generation to a long-term partnership model with shared resources and outcomes.  The intersection of Capital Program Management, Facility Performance, and Real Estate affords owners and operators the unique opportunity to reduce operating costs, free up growth capital, and become stewards of their community by investing in CORE ESG principles, ultimately driving value to all key stakeholders.

In its first five years of operation, CREF oversees more than 50-million square feet of real estate assets across the globe and manages over $5B worth of Capital Projects within its platform.

Bob resides in Dallas, Texas with his wife Gina and four children. He is a former board member of Youth Villages and actively participates in charities around the world in communities that he builds.

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